Wireless Asset Management

Evolution Wireless Advisors has an entire team of expert land use planners, real estate professionals and technical engineers that assist private landowners, municipalities, school districts, colleges and hospitals develop responsible and aesthetically pleasing wireless design and siting policies.

The partners of EWA have over 100 years of combined cellular knowledge in the areas of radiofrequency engineering, cell site construction, real estate transactional law and telecommunication lease negotiations. With the advent of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and upcoming 5th Generation technologies, leading wireless carriers are battling to improve their existing network capacity and coverage nationwide. Over the next several years, carriers will also be actively modifying existing facilities with increased equipment and larger antennas. There has never been a greater time for property owners to seize on the opportunity of this rapid deployment and growth of new wireless technologies

No Cost No Obligation Rooftop Site Audit Services
  • EWA will audit your existing wireless lease at no cost
  • Perform Drone Flight Analysis
  • Review existing workmanship of existing antenna sector and equipment
  • Review FCC safety compliance
  • Review/measure/inspect existing Lease Premises square footage vs existing
  • Develop and assist property owners with negotiation strategies

Obtaining a Wireless Lease on your Property
Many property owners use the "catcher’s mitt" analogy when it comes to acquiring new wireless leases. Meaning, they wait until they are approached by site acquisition agents to contemplate leasing their property for a wireless telecom facility. With industry connections, Evolution Wireless Advisors will proactively promote your portfolio of real estate. Many of the larger carriers have enormous build plans to meet the huge demand of the customers to improve their networks.

  • We know the marketplace.
  • We know where the carriers are looking to improve their networks.
  • We can market you properties in the language engineers speak.
  • Evolution Wireless Advisors can complete a comprehensive real estate portfolio analysis of your existing properties. With years of experience with wireless property acquisition services we can quickly assess the Lease, Zoning and Constructability of your property. Contact us now for a no-cost/no-obligation real estate analysis

Venue Management

Many property owners are unaware of the hidden value that lies within their building or large venue. As macro cellular facilities that can provide adequate coverage and capacity get harder to install, wireless carriers are looking to expand their reach in to hard to reach large commercial buildings and venues. These indoor and outdoor solutions do not require towers or enormous antennas but utilize much smaller antennas and equipment. EWA can guide property owners thru this advanced technology and maximize the revenue from such installations.

These installations can provide tremenous marketability and recurring revenue streams that increase the value of the respective properties with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE OR CAPITAL INVESTMENT. Whether you are looking to bolster your existing wireless coverage or maximize the profiability of your property, EWA can provide the following services:

  • RF Propagation Assessments & Mapping
  • Neutral Host Design & Ownership Models
  • Project & Construction Management Services
  • Project Financing
  • Neutral Host Site Promotion to Wireless Carriers & Service Providers
  • Carrier Integration, System Monitoring & Technical Support
  • Single Point of Contact For Owner's Wireless Asset